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Real-time collision detection for Panda with OpenCL

In this blog post I will present a collision detection algorithm specifically tailored for use with Panda. The algorithm was developed as part of my ongoing PhD thesis and later improved by my student Johannes Schwaiger as part of his bachelor’s thesis. The collision detection algorithm is able to analyze point clouds from depth cameras…
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Automatic robot state initialization in Gazebo

In this post we implement a ROS node that automatically initializes the robot state in Gazebo to a valid configuration . This is achieved by means of a custom joint position controller and the controller switching mechanism provided by the controller manager.

Attach a box to the robot hand in Gazebo

In this post we are going to attach a simple box to the hand of Panda robot in the Gazebo simulation environment.

MoveIt! – Constraint-aware planning

In this post we are going to utilize MoveIt! in order to navigate Panda in a cluttered environment in the Gazebo simulation.

Integrating FRANKA EMIKA Panda robot into Gazebo

In this post I will outline a step-by-step procedure to simulate the Panda robot in Gazebo and connect it to MoveIt! for motion planning.